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Grief isn’t something we enjoy talking about but dealing with it in a healthy way is critical to the recovery process. The good news is that it’s a journey you don’t have to walk alone. Read on for how members of GriefShare groups have been encouraged by each other and Gods grace. For more information about GriefShare click here.

 Grief Share helped me by showing me that God can heal even the most broken of heart.  The Grief Share counselors and other members of our group became like family to me even though we were only there a short time. Grief Share helped me to face many issues that I had suppressed for many years.  Above all it allowed me to begin to heal.  What I realized through it is that you will only get out of it what you put into it.  Do the workbook, embrace it, use it, it is such a great tool.  As they say, this truly is the journey from hurt to healing.  

 I feel that Grief Share taught me how to process my grief effectively.  When you think of yourself as a strong Christian and something tragic happens people all tell you you will be OK.  Grief Share has taught my why I’d be OK and how to properly process the grief. 

“We see in the Grief Share videos that we are not alone in our feelings of grief, but that many others are experiencing the same feelings. They have found help through the Word of God and we can and do as well.  The Spirit filled counselors are used by God to help us understand how God is moving, healing and restoring in each of our lives. The leaders are filled with Godly wisdom, compassion and understanding.”  CW

“The Grief Share program is  Gospel based.  The material used is excellent and the videos show people who have been through the same things I have been through.  I found the leaders very loving and kind and as a plus I have made some new friends. We were given permission to feel our own sentiments and it released me from guilt.  I think it would benefit anyone who has had a loss recently or in the distant past.”  AC

While taking the Grief Share course I felt comforted to know I wasn’t the only one who felt the way I did and that we all are on own journey which is different but similar. The course was very professionally done but yet touched on every human feeling and situation that I felt during the death of my loved ones.  The class was very inviting, non-threatening and I felt comfortable to share my experiences about death.  By the end of the class I felt a though a burned was lifted. I did not want the course to end or the new found friendships. I have felt that I benefited enough that I have given many people the brochure on “Grief share” and encouraged them to attend a future course.  Theresa

Grief Share was a wonderful experience for me on many levels. First, the group of people that I shared every Thursday with for 13 weeks became part of my immediate family. I looked forward to seeing each and every one of them every week. We shared our fears and our progress with each other. It was amazing! We all laughed more than we cried honestly. Second, the sessions every week were very thurough and life changing for me. I had the ability to see how others were handling/handled their grief and found healthier ways to experience my journey through grief. I stopped trying to put my grief in a box or let the emotions surface when I thought it was ok. I was able to mentor to others and help empower them. Third, the leaders are people that have experienced great losses of their own. They all had great insight and are “very real and true.” When I’m through my journey of grief I would love to help facilitate groups on a regular basis. Grief Share was truly life altering! 🙂 Kellie

When my mom died in 2011, I was struggling with processing the loss but being a self-sufficient, independent person lead me to believe I could get through it on my own. I was hesitant to join a group setting but thank God for Grief Share! It is a safe, loving environment where you can freely share with others and work through the issues associated with losing someone. Biblically based with compassionate and caring facilitators, Grief Share was an amazing blessing in my healing process. I highly recommend joining a group, you will be ministered to and shown Christ’s love.  Marie

When I first came to Grief Share I knew I needed help coping with the death of my husband of over 50 years. I have appreciated so much the Biblically-based wisdom and insight available in the videos and workbook, the inspiration of the sessions and sharing, and not least of all the facilitators who clearly know the Lord and love the Word. The Lord used all of these to draw me into a time of refreshing with Him and to give strength for the journey remaining.  Nellie

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