Join the “Water Challenge” to help bring clean water to Africa

The Elementary Department would like to ask that you consider a simple, two week effort called “The Water Challenge” with them.  This Challenge will provide them (and you) a unique opportunity to save a life, and to make a big impact through a small sacrifice.

Here is what you need to know:

Every day more than 3,000 children die from diarrheal diseases. That’s over 1 million per year.

In most cases, clean and safe water could be made available with a new or repaired well, or another water project. But today, disease-infested pools of stagnant surface water miles away are all some people have.

Here is what you can do to help:

For two weeks, drink no beverages other than water. (We suggest tap or filtered water as bottled water can be expensive and wasteful).  Wear your wrist band to help remind you.

You may choose to use Sunday as a “rest” day and drink whatever you wish, then continue with your drink “fast” the rest of the week. Above all, don’t forget to pray for this mission!

Set aside all the money which you would normally have spent consuming soda, juice, milk, or bottled water, etc.

Use the money to help build a well with The Water Project in villages where there is no clean or safe water.

Thank you for your support!  

Use this table to help keep track of Your savings/donations. It can be a great eye-opener to see how much you truly spend on drinks in just 2 weeks!  (You may update it with prices that fit your own spending costs).

The Water Challenge Savings Scorecard

Beverage                Est. Cost Per Serving      X  Number skipped in 2 weeks     =  Savings

Milk-home, 8oz.                      $  .50                                                                       $

Milk-restaurant/machine         $1.75-$2.00                                                             $

Soda-home, can/bottle           $  .35-$1.00                                                             $

Soda-restaurant/machine       $2.00                                                                       $

Juice-home, 8oz.                    $  .50                                                                       $

Juice-restaurant                      $2.00                                                                       $

Juice-conv. store                    $2.25                                                                       $

Sports          $2.00                                                                       $

Coffee-home                          $  .50                                                                       $

Coffe-restaurant/store            $1.75-$3.00                                                            $

Other (hot chocolate,              $1.75-$2.75                                                           $
milkshake, etc)                                                                                                         

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