COVID-19 Letter from Pastor Sam Macri

Dear Church Family,

We are now in the midst of a crisis. Along with all the media talk and empty grocery store shelves, now our schools are closed for a month, too. Our president has declared tomorrow as a national day of prayer.

I’m sure you are all aware that there are many challenges involved with this coronavirus, some are specific to gatherings such as worship services. With every crisis comes decisions and opportunities.

As I consider our church family and what we should do in response to the situation, my first impression is that we should pray!… for all aspects of this pandemic and for all the people it effects and the problems it presents. And we need to let God’s love, not fear, be in control of our emotions and decisions. The Scriptures teach us that love puts the best interest of another above our own as we see in John 3:16- For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. And of course the great commandment, Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.(Matthew 22:37) Also, we see love protects (1 Corinthians 13:7) and perfect love casts out all fear (First John 4:18).

This can be a time for us to show the love of Christ to our neighbors, whatever that may mean in your particular situation. Opportunities to pray and serve one another are all around us. Act as God leads you. If for you that means staying home to avoid being exposed or potentially exposing others, then do it. Loving your church family may also mean giving your tithes and offerings even when you can’t be there. Click on the “Donate” tab at the top of the home page at

You can watch the worship service by clicking the “Weekly Services” tab.

As for tomorrow, 3/15, we will have worship services at the usual times, but please know there will be no youth or children’s classes or meetings. The adult classes will decide on their own whether to meet for Sunday school and small group studies during the week. If you are considering attending any of those meetings, please contact your group leader beforehand to be sure they are meeting. If you are uncomfortable for any reason or not feeling well, please do stay home.

Be assured that our great God is in control and will get us through. I love you and I’m praying for you all. May God bless you.

Pastor Sam

FYI and Reminders:

  • Avoid skin contact. Consider elbow-bumps or a smile and wave.
  • Wash hands regularly and to avoid touching face and eyes.
  • If you need to cough or sneeze, cover your mouth with your sleeve or a tissue. Be sure to wash your hands immediately after.
  • We have hand sanitizer located around the foyer. Be sure to use hand sanitizers regularly.
  • We may not be passing the offering plates on Sunday. Please place your offering in the plates directly. You can also give online at (
  • Volunteers please wash hands before preparing coffee and do not handle the snacks with bare hands.
  • Follow all CDC and World Health Organization suggestions for avoiding the virus.
  • If you are sick, have been sick, or a High Risk individual with pre-existing conditions, please stay home and stay connected with us through the website ( and our facebook page.

Join us in prayer for the following:

  • Ask God, in his mercy, to halt the spread of this pandemic not only in our community but our nation and the world.
  • Pray for leaders on every level—local, national, global—to have insight and discernment as they make decisions that affect all of us.
  • Ask God to equip the medical professionals and researchers with the skill and ability needed to discover a way to address the virus.
  • Pray for local churches to be instruments of God’s grace and compassion to their communities in this unsettled time.

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